The Medical-Fitness-Wellness Continuum

Posted by Michele Wong on Dec 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM

As people are living longer, there has been an increased focus on longevity and extending healthy, active years. Healthcare and traditional wellness programs have allowed us to live longer by treating disease, but have not made great strides in extending the length of time individuals are living with the absence of disease. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted this reality and shown us that underlying health conditions are not just a risk for living with a lower quality of life, but dramatically increase one's mortality rate. 


As experts in fitness and wellness, Active Wellness has designed models that integrate with healthcare to provide a new standard of care. This model appeals to our traditional fitness consumer, and also reaches those in our communities most in need to improve their health and reduce risks.  

We’ve been working closely with our health system partners to drive the convergence of health and the fitness. Patient care is often coming from a reactive state to provide management of the symptoms of chronic disease. The new model includes fitness and wellness professionals to support patients in preventing and reversing chronic disease through positive changes in health behaviors. 


Through a thoughtful approach, Active integrates patients into a new community with personalized programs that improve energy and enhance overall well-being. We provide individual experiences through a variety of programming that includes traditional fitness modalities and new emerging trends in wellness. This is enabling us to connect to 75-80% of the population that has not yet become part of a traditional fitness club.


One program example is the growth of recovery programming. We have moved well beyond active stretching and foam rolling to include options like vibration and compression device therapy. These techniques that were once reserved for only athletes are now being utilized to speed recovery time for active individuals and reach those who might be limited in their ability to move, let alone exercise.  

Unlike traditional healthcare which has been heavily focused on the management of symptoms, integrative healthcare models address lifestyle factors that improve health and well-being. Active Wellness models offer patients and fitness consumers the opportunity to participate in experiences that support the overall quality of life at any stage of the continuum. We consider this a major breakthrough in the fitness, wellness and medical industry.

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Michele Wong | Chief Operating Officer 

Michele is Active's Chief Operating Officer. Her focus is on building healthier communities through the delivery of integrated fitness, nutrition, health coaching, and medical services. Michele has a master’s degree in Kinesiology, serves as an ACE subject matter expert on health coaching, and is a Wellness Council of America Faculty Member. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family including her two adorable dogs.