Why deliver a branded small group training program to your members?

Posted by Kiley Mutschler on Mar 16, 2023 8:30:00 AM
Why deliver a branded small group training program to your members?

Delivering a branded small group training program to your members is a great way to ensure they receive the best possible member experience. Small group training programs create a unique and personalized program that can help members reach their goals and stay motivated.

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That's why at Active, we developed The ZONE, a heart rate-based small group training program that delivers results not only for the members participating but for a fitness center's membership growth, retention and overall ancillary revenue. Powered by interactive heart rate technology and team-based camaraderie, participants receive real-time data generated on studio screens and can track cumulative progress with a personal profile and digital reports that entice them to return. Because members are working in their personalized, heart rate monitored zones in a small group setting, the class is suitable for all fitness levels.

The ZONE, branded small group training class  

Branding your small group training program allows members to recognize the program and become more engaged and committed. It also adds a level of professionalism and helps establish trust with members. When members know they’re part of a well-branded program, they’ll be more likely to stay involved and tell others about it!

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The ZONE is available to seamlessly integrate into any medical wellness center, tenant amenity fitness center, health club or gym. Data shows higher member retention and satisfaction when members are plugged into their community - and one of the best ways to boost community engagement and fitness results is in The ZONE.


The quality and variety of programming continues to be a key deciding factor for new members who are considering joining any fitness center. The current fitness consumer is seeking flexible package offerings, enhanced technology, and a sense of community. The ZONE delivers all of this - plus a tribe of brand loyal members.

The Giants Amy G working out in The ZONE, Active's branded small group training program

The ZONE program includes equipment and design recommendations for your fitness center, training for your team, marketing and promotion materials, and everything else you need to deliver an effective and results-driven small group training program to help you stay competitive in the marketplace, engage your members and drive program revenue. 


Have an older, more active aging community? We have you covered with the ZONE GOLD for seniors and older adults. ZONE GOLD classes are designed to increase flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, agility, muscular core strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Team Active are experts at operating fitness centers. We have expertise in fitness center design with management and consulting services. If you need programming, operation, marketing, sales or fitness staffing support, contact The Active team today.

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