Water Safety Reminders

Posted by Deb Heisler on Sep 1, 2017 9:39:59 AM

Active Wellness

By: Deb Heisler, Director of Operations, East Coast

As we approach the long weekend and are experiencing extreme warm weather, many are opting for more pool time. And there are parts of the country where we are in the water at all times, like here in Florida, or you may have an indoor pool at your facility. Below are a few resources to help you keep your cool if you ever experience a water emergency. Living in Florida, on the water with a pool and two small kids, I'm a bit obsessed with water safety. I also lifeguarded for Disney in the past and saved far too many people. I'm passionate about water safety and reminders and wanted to share some resources with you.

Active Wellness Swimming

The first link is to an article written by a Mom of a swimmer at our local YMCA here in Tampa, FL. It's similar to many larger facilities with aquatics. The girl was on the swim team, but held her breath too long and passed out, almost drowning. Even our top swimmers can have a drowning episode so don’t hesitate if you see something that isn’t right. Below is a list of resources and articles around water safety in order of preference. Enjoy the pool but stay safe!








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