What Makes a Tenant Renew

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Feb 3, 2020 8:26:17 PM

Active Wellness Fitness Center DesignWhen a tenant’s lease is up for renewal, several factors can benefit a property manager’s negotiation strategies. Things like building renovations, optimal office configuration, and updated technology infrastructure are enticing for tenants. Another growing trend that promises to continue its upward tick, is a robust offering of wellness programs and well-designed fitness amenities. 

While some property manager’s choose to juggle this implementation a la carte, there is an option to outsource with a company who can manage all logistics from design and programming to staffing and daily operations. Utilizing an industry expert saves the headache of juggling logistics and can save money in the long run.

Offering tenants an inspired space for wellness creates value by better accommodating how we live, work and play. Active Wellness builds vibrant communities through engaging wellness programs and inspired spaces to engage people to live actively. Get in touch with our team to get your questions answered.