3 Ways to Improve Your Existing Medical Partnerships

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Mar 11, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Provider or physician referred networking is a great way to enhance the health of the community while building rapport with medical professionals and developing trust for patients. Medical fitness programming aligns the provider's prescription (or recommendations) with a specialized plan to fit an individual's lifestyle, needs and goals. If your fitness center or gym is already integrated within a hospital system or provider network, you can further leverage your partnership and resources to build upon your referral program and drive leads to your fitness center.

Here are three ways to improve upon those relationships:

Connect with your liaison and anyone else within your medical partnership on a monthly or quarterly basis to find out how you can support their initiatives. Proving health and fitness resources to key departments bridges the medical and fitness community creates opportunities for both sides of this partnership. 

Collaborate with key departments of the hospital including Human Resources, and Executive Assistant hospital administration to attend their large meetings and events such as Orientations, Operational Manager meetings, physician meetings to present your physician referral program and fitness center membership offerings.  

Coordinate with your contacts to capitalize on any hospital or medical networking events hosted for employees, patients or the community by marketing and tabeling your fitness center programs and expertise. (Examples: blood drive, holiday parties) 

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