7 Strategies to Establish a Physician's Referral Program

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Mar 18, 2021 8:00:00 AM

If you are not integrated with a hospital system or provider network, now is a great time to begin networking and reaching out to medical providers in your community. 

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Here are 7 ideas to help you launch a physician’s referral program:

  1. Form a contact list of all the applicable departments that you can market to by researching on the web. Call or drop in the office to speak to the office manager or referral coordinator to get a meeting (virtual or in person) with the staff regarding your referral program. It is a nice addition to bring them coffee and a gift basket (we like branded stationary, hand sanitizer, masks, etc).

  2. Allow one of the providers in the office to test out the program for free so they can speak to its value and feel confident about referring patients.

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  3. Establish a HIPPA compliant referral system. Referrals can only be sent in a HIPAA compliant portal that accepts EMR or via fax. (note: Have the prescription pad be carbon copy so patients can follow up as well or on the flier include a QR code to an interest form.) *We use Welld Health as our integrated health platform that unites individuals, physicians, companies and employees, health clubs and communities. Patients can self-register or providers can refer directly into the system using EMR or fax.
  4. Once referrals are received, send out hand written thank you letters to7 referring providers and add any additional information.

  5. Keep the connection and provide a quarterly newsletter to providers about program developments, top referring providers, surveys. 

  6. Establish a physician committee for the medical integration programs to see how to improve by hosting a dinner or on- going virtual meetings.

  7. Look for local online or in person groups, whether for patients or physicians to connect with and present information (Medical weight loss programs) 


Interested in learning more about Active's Medical Referral Programs or about Activate, our newest medical fitness model? Contact our Team today to connect. 

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