Active’s B2C Sales Trends for 2021

Posted by Jerry Cardinali on Mar 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have shifted the way consumers purchase. Therefore, we must adjust our selling strategy when it comes to membership sales. Selling requires adaptability and being ready to pivot in a moment's notice to meet our clients’ needs. However, the fundamental elements of a successful B2C* sales strategy still holds true. 

Here’s how the Active Sales Teams are sticking to the selling basics in our fitness centers while adapting to these changing times.

Don’t Trade Customer Service for Convenience

A customer's experience, whether online or in-person, can make or break your chance to do business again with that person or anybody else in their referral network. The substitution for technology and convenience can sometimes lead the customer service experience cold and lacking personalized support.

2-Mar-29-2021-09-38-26-49-PMFor the digital part of an experience, make sure the journey is easy for a new prospect to create an account, whether on your mobile app or by creating a profile on your website. 

The next step is to have a confident sales team ready and trained in listening, while supporting the emotional needs of the individual, to follow through with the end result. This may happen in a text-exchange rather than, or in addition to, an in-person conversation depending on the individual’s preferences, but should nonetheless be customized to the person’s individual needs. 

Ensuring that you build trust while being a true advocate to the individual helps you customize membership options for a higher sales conversion rate. Even more so, it helps to connect clients with the exact workouts and results they desire.

Enlist a CRM that works 

An interactive CRM where your team can easily communicate with a prospect is essential to establish a quick relationship, make communication smooth and also provides essential data to assess your sales strategy. We recommend and use GymSales, Hubspot, Mindbody and Emma, as our top CRM tools depending on your size and budget. 

Tag in Online Sales and AI (artificial intelligence)3-Mar-29-2021-09-39-31-41-PM

Online sales and AI with a live chat option is a trend being more regularly used in 2020 and now 2021. Studies show that about 80% of individuals today find it helpful to speak to a live person when either purchasing a new product or re-purchasing a previously owned product. Having these combined features only increases your sale and referral opportunities.

Role-Play Today’s Sales Experience, including Virtual 

You can have the most sophisticated technology and professionally-created sales presentation but if you do not role play with your teams to practice in-person and virtual sales, you will more than likely miss your sales potential. The worst thing a Sales Manager can do is allow their teams to become complicit in their sales practices or assume that, because they are great in person, they will be equally the same virtually. With the ever-changing world of sales, it always comes down to your sales preparedness. Is your team ready? 

Need sales support or want to learn more about Active’s membership sale strategies to help your fitness center or gym? Contact our team today for a free consultation. 


Footnote: *B2C (Business to Consumer) refers to the process of selling products and services directly between a business and consumer who is an end-user of the product or services being sold. The B2C approach is very important because it is based on an emotional connection which is very important especially when providing a health enhancement service such as a gym membership or personal training.  


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