4 Favorite HealthTech Products

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Jul 22, 2019 11:58:57 AM


The companies leading the way in consumer health technology are designing products to be adaptive and to create two-way communication with the end-user. This is undoubtedly how Peloton was able to turn a stationary bike into a $4 billion company.

“Whenever digital health delivery is able to create a closed-loop system with the end-user by customizing the experience based on feedback from the experience, you have all the elements of a winning formula,” said Vice President of Technology, Mike Rucker.

Here are four up-and-comers that provide this type of experience in the area of fitness, sleep, meditation, and nutrition:

Mirror: A nearly invisible interactive home gym; the future of fitness is at your place. 



Dreem: a headband & app that works with you night and day toward better sleep. 



Monj: digital nutrition app to improve the way we eat, cook, and connect.



Muse: technology-enhanced meditation translates brainwaves into weather sounds.



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