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Posted by Active Wellness Team on Mar 24, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Tips to Practice Meditation 3.25

Feeling anxious these days due to the Coronavirus? You are not alone, as we stay home and practice social distancing, we’re also trying to cope with the added stress and anxiety that comes with these uncertain times. Practicing mediation can help calm the mind and ease stress and anxiety. Try some of these simple yet effective methods to begin your mediation practice:

  • One question that can help me recenter is to ask myself “what is actually happening right now, right here?” While the external world may be in crisis, I’m sitting alone in a quiet room, healthy and well. Take a few moments to be present in your own personal corner of reality, and just be.
  • A 5-minute meditation can bring you back to center while calming the mind and body. Disconnecting and focusing on being present is key to a mindful reset. Carve out a comfortable quiet place to close your eyes, focus, breathe, and be present. 
  • A helpful way to begin a mediation practice can be to utilize an app. Two of my favorites are Calm and Headspace.
  • Nose Breathing Meditation. This simple yet effective mediation exercise can help you recenter and bring your thoughts to the present moment: 
    • Close your eyes, and your mouth to prepare to breathe in through your nose.
    • Press your finger against the left side of your nose to plug that nostril, then breathe in slowly through the right nostril for five seconds.
    • Hold your breath for five seconds, while moving your finger to press against the right side of your nose. 
    • With the right nostril plugged, breathe out slowly through your left nostril for five seconds. Leaving that same nostril plugged, inhale again before switching sides.
    • Repeat for five rounds or so, until you feel your heart-rate or sense of anxiety has calmed.
  • Try our Wellness Wednesday video on our YouTube playlist here. We’re hosting a mindful exercise every Wednesday so be sure to follow along. 

We hope these tips help you to destress and find calm. Do you have any helpful tips? We’d love to hear from you, comment below and let us know your mediation practices. 

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