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Posted by Karah Ehrhardt on Apr 25, 2018 10:58:48 AM

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Club Z Engages in Corporate Culture Training With Meditation

Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be aware moment to moment and can help improve work productivity, increase creativity, reduce stress, enhance relationships, and improve overall health. The best way to learn mindfulness is through meditation which is the formal practice of focusing on a point, for example your breath.  

Active Wellness Mindfulness - Club Z

Active Wellness’ partner, Zebra Technologies made a business decision to invest in culture training when they acquired a division of Motorola Solutions to help merge the two cultures. All Zebra employees globally participate in culture training that includes meditation. Last year, Zebra’s culture team reached out to Club Z, Zebra’s corporate gym managed by Active, to do a more extensive training on meditation for a series of workshops spread over six months.

Club Z Fitness Manager Anna Valenti’s meditation training included the benefits of meditation, how to be more mindful in the workplace and at home, overcoming obstacles to meditation, and the practice of meditation. When it comes to meditation and mindfulness, you can’t just talk about it, read about it, or think about it. You need practice it to develop a strong familiarity with the present moment so it becomes a natural way of life. A total of about 60 participants participated in the meditation training. During the training, participants moved from hesitance to anticipation. By end of the workshops participants were applauding. Some participants mentioned that they downloaded meditation apps on their phones so they could continue practicing.  

Since the workshops, both Club Z at the corporate headquarters in Lincolnshire and Club Z in Holtsville have added 15-minute meditation sessions to their group fitness schedules. There are also plans to offer Meditation guided by Club Z to start meetings much in the same way as they currently offer Stretch Breaks for meetings. They also have plans of leading meditation for groups such as their Women’s Inclusion Network and other meeting groups at Zebra.

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Valenti says, “Offering meditation at Club Z helps members with a holistic approach to their health and helps us engage new people outside the fitness center. It’s important as a corporate fitness center to be involved in the culture of the company. I feel great about helping people learn meditation.”

It is more important than ever for people to train their minds to be mindful because they are hyper connected and splitting their attention into ever smaller pieces. Corporate fitness centers can help employees with today’s stress by offering meditation guidance. With just 10 minutes of meditation practice a day, people will see positive change for both themselves and those around them.



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