“Rock Steady Boxing” is a Knockout!

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Jun 25, 2019 3:00:58 PM

Rocky Steady

Combating Parkinson’s Disease: Specialty Program Triples in One Year

Boxing drills increase agility, speed, endurance, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and overall strength to defend against and overcome opponents. The Rock Steady Boxing program has one opponent it’s fighting: Parkinson’s Disease.  

Every year, 60,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and at a medical fitness center operated by Active Wellness, we’re eager to report knockout results in the fight against the disease. The Rock Steady Boxing program helps folks with Parkinson’s to improve balance, cardiovascular strength, cognitive abilities, group support, and overall wellness. 

At Synergy Health Club Napa, Active Wellness employs seven Rock Steady Boxing certified coaches and hosts nine weekly classes. In the past year, the program has tripled its participation, growing from 22 to 65 individuals, each with significant improvements to the physical impairments that the disease takes on one’s body. The test results for participants after a full year in the program found:

    • 81% of Rock Steady boxers scored higher on their Fullerton Balance Test, which measures static and dynamic balance.
    • 77% scored higher on their Sit-To-Stand Test, showing lower extremity and cardiovascular improvements. 
    • 73% of boxers had faster scores on their Time Up and Go Test for improved cognitive ability and total body coordination. 

Published medical research has shown that forced, intense exercise can reduce, reverse, and delay Parkinson’s symptoms. Boxing is one of the most physically demanding styles of training and it conditions the same physical aspects that Parkinson’s negatively affects. In addition to being an intense, diverse form of training, boxing is also an incredible stress reliever and confidence booster. 

The ever-growing camaraderie and achieved results at our Synergy Health Club program is beyond inspirational and all of us at Team Active are thrilled to cheer these boxers on. 

Please contact our team to discuss integrating this exceptional program at your facility.