Tips for Anxiety + Stress

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Dec 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM

We know that this pandemic has caused chaos in all of our lives and can often make us feel not in control. Yet there are many things -  like our thoughts and habits - that remain in our control, and can make a big difference in our stress levels. Here are some resources for you to share with members for whenever they start feeling overwhelmed or anxious. 

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To start, set your timer for 5-15 minutes, find a comfortable position and just be still in the silence.  Close your eyes and think about the following questions, or you can journal if that helps you process. If your mind starts to wander, that’s okay. Just bring it back to focus and start again. 

  1. What do I have to accomplish before I go to bed tonight? What would I like to also complete before bed tonight? 
  2. What are some things that I can take OFF my list for today? 
  3. While still completing what I need to, what are 2-3 simple ways that I can care for my mental well-being today? Smart small; the answer could be simple practices like taking a short walk after lunch or resting your eyes for fifteen minutes when you hit the midday slump. 

These simple questions could help you lower your stress and take better care of you.

DD 12.9Movement has been proven to increase energy, improve your mood and help with improved sleep. Start your day with 10-20 minutes of movement or physical activity. This could include a brisk walk or jog, bike ride, weight circuit, dancing, and/or Yoga. 

If you aren’t a morning person, schedule another time in your day to move and then track your energy and mood throughout the day. See if you can make at least 10 minutes of movement a part of your daily routine. 

It is also important to note that exercise does cause stress in your body; so make sure that you are doing something you ENJOY when you exercise, not something that you dislike. 


Start your day with 10 minutes of reflection through journaling. This practice can help you start your day on a positive note and bring you focus on what’s really important. Here are some prompts that can assist you:

  • Write down 3 things that make you happy or bring you joy…
  • Write down 3 things that cause you stress or anxiety…
  • Write 1-2 ways that you can control your stressors and turn them into something positive

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