2021 Fitness Design Trend Predictions

Posted by Justin Honas on Feb 16, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Here’s are top 5 design trends that our Active’s Design Team recommends considering for your fitness space.

  1. Provide more space. As we continue to build during the COVID-19 era and into the future, one theme rings consistently in all our projects: designs are opening up. Your layout should be considered with extra space in mind. This allows users to have some distance between one another, from the fitness floor to the locker rooms. Consider unfinished ceilings, lots of windows and/or sliding doors for fresHubspot Blog Post Imageh air.
  2. Space-saving options. On the flip side, we are taking a unique approach with small spaces to create fitness and health offerings. We’re introducing high-tech strength circuits with open space for functional-style training in these spaces. We also recommend versatile wall storage and suspension rigs when working to save space.
  3. Use sustainable materials. From the flooring to water bottle fillers and eco friendly towels, we are looking at sustainable materials on all areas of fitness design that are better for the earth.
  4. Consider pods. When mapping out your layout  you may want to consider fitness pods,  made up of a small group of people comfortable working out together. They can be great for personal training, open member use and the ability to reserve times for workouts. Pods define personal space with clean equipment and an area to work with a trainer.5-1
  5. Take it outside. Create open spaces outdoors that members can utilize. This provides the extra square footage without adding to your rent. We are also seeing temporary solutions become permanent for outdoor studios, cafés, pool bars and lounge areas, as well as childcare. When creating outdoor areas don’t forget the heating, cooling, lighting and audio/visual needs for your members to be comfortable and safe.

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