5 De-stress Practices

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Nov 24, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Our members and teams are all under a lot of stress and we could all use some de-stress practices right about now. Here are 5 de-stress practices to share with your community as we navigate these challenging times into the holidays.

  1. Breathing is a powerful tool to destress and ease anxiety. Simply slowing down and focusing on a few deep breaths can bring you a sense of calm. Try adding breathing exercises into your daily routine for improved wellbeing. Here are a few tips to consider when beginning your practice: find a comfortable and quiet place, be patient with yourself (practice makes perfect), and be consistent with 5-10 minutes of breathing exercises daily. We promise, this handy tool will help you recenter yourself during times of stress anxiety, whether you’re at-home or on the go.
  2. Stretching is another excellent way to ease anxiety and stress. Stress can have physical symptoms as well as mental, including muscle tightness and elevated blood pressure to name a few. Here are a few simple stretching techniques to diffuse these tensions. Neck Circles, with a straight back and relaxed shoulders gently roll your head clockwise remembering to focus on your breath, after a few circles repeat counterclockwise. Next up is Legs Up the Wall. For this lay flat on your back with your legs elevated up onto a wall creating a 90º angle (or as close to it as you can). As your heels rest on the wall and your spin begins to decompress, focus on your breaths and feel the tension melt away. Pro Tip: This is a great stretch before bed to prepare for a restful night sleep.
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  3. Exercise is medicine! This is not a myth. Exercise is a powerful tool to improve your physical and mental health. We’ve all had those days when it’s so difficult to get that workout in, but once it’s finished we feel SO much better, mind and body. Exercising 30-minutes a day can greatly improve your mental health, from easing tensions, taking focus away from daily stressors, and releasing endorphins to boost your overall well-being. From a yoga routine to a jog around the neighborhood, or weightlifting sessions, make it a point to get in your daily workout. 
  4. Puzzles can be a fun and helpful way to destress. From crosswords to sudoku to jigsaw puzzles, these games, designed to test your ingenuity and knowledge are also tools to calm the mind and ease tension. Your brain is a muscle, taking the time to exercise your mind with puzzles has been shown to improve intelligence and well-being.
  5. When we’ve had a rough day or we’re going through stressful moments communicating can be a helpful practice for us to calm our minds and recenter ourselves. Friends and family are a wonderful resource for us to reach out to for support or simply an ear for us to tell our story, vent our frustrations, or share our successes. During hard times we can all use someone to talk with, be sure to reciprocate and spread the love ❤️.  

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