How to Teach Yoga to First Responders - October 2nd Webinar

Posted by Shannon McQuaide on Sep 20, 2023 1:24:01 PM

FireFlex_firefighter FMS yoga

What's your guess on the common myths about teaching yoga to first responders? You might be surprised. And is Yoga even a workout?

Join us October 2 to hear a few startling lessons in the early days of FireFlex and how founder Shannon read the room and pivoted. You'll also meet certified FireFlex instructor Charlie Harrison and hear her experience out in the field with first responders and veterans. If you’re curious about attending FireFlex Yoga’s November 3-day training, join the webinar to learn moreask questions live, register to receive playback. 

Register today: Webinar OCTOBER 2 at 4pm PST 

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